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If you have already found a woman you wish to invite to your country for engagement or marriage, we strongly recommend you know enough about the person with whom you're about to share half of everything you own.


Free Services

We offer a wide selection of useful and informative articles and free services designed to help you to recognize a prospective scammer. Numerous articles are written in the FAQ style you so will be able to filter them easily.


Our Experts Services

Linguist (expert on the comparative analysis of text), Psychologist-analytic (this expert learns the character of the person), physiognomist (this expert studies the person's face (photos), and he'll know features of the character).

ScamDetective doesn't just offer regular private investigation services. Our company is very concerned with the growth in numbers of scams related to romances with women from Former Soviet Union. We are trying to increase awareness of this problem among western men who use dating sites and marriage agencies to find women of their dreams in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus.

Our professional investigators in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus will check anyone's real name, address, household members, education, work situation, income level, previous marriages/divorces, criminal background, records of alcohol or drug abuse, and health or mental problems.

Except for detectives we have different specialists work in the structure of our agency: linguist, psychologist-analytic, physiognomist.

Professional background checks in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia, Moldova from $75 and up. Inexpensive scam checks. Private and confidencial.

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