Our company.

ScamDetective company was been created in 2001. Our company is very concerned with the growth in numbers of scams related to romances with women from Former Soviet Union. We are trying to increase awareness of this problem among western men who use dating sites and marriage agencies to find women of their dreams in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus.

Our professional investigators in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus will check anyone's real name, address, household members, education, work situation, income level, previous marriages/divorces, criminal background, records of alcohol or drug abuse, and health or mental problems.

Except for detectives we have different specialists work in the structure of our agency: linguist, psychologist-analytic, physiognomist.

We alway happy to help you with any problems. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Who we are.

In our state a minimum of agents, but we always successfully consult with tasks in view. Everyone is responsible for own work.

Our detectives always ready for new investigation in any city of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.


Linguist, Psychologist-analytic, Physiognomist.

Office manager.
Seems this unique lady in our team, who stay in office and allocates client's orders.


We have own courier for delivery gifts and flowers.

What we offer

We offer you all available services by detect a scammers.

Check the person's name, address, phone number, photo, criminal background, drug/alcohol dependency, psychological problems, or is legally employed and etc.

We can identify the real information about scammer, his/her age, gender, name, official address, current residence, business activities, criminal background, or whatever information would be needed.

Our experts will answer all your questions: If she really wishes to be with you? Why writes to you: lady or the scammer? Do you need to continue your letters?

If you write letters to several ladies and can't choose the best one, we'll help you.