How I can make a order?

Submit a quote request of service which you want to take advantage. Fill all necessary data and wait when our office manager will contact you. It borrows take maximum 24 hours. After specification of cost and charges on spend investigation or given service, you pay 50% from a total sum. The rest of 50% you pay after performance of a task by us. Exceptions can be expenses of detectives for action on investigation. Then cost can be increased and is paid in the full size.

What is the time borrows Background Check service?

Usually it borrows from 7 days up one month. Depending on what information you have wished to learn about the checked person.

What proofs you will give if I'll order Background Check?

As a rule we give documents from the certain organizations (a passport office, statements, an extract from home book and etc). What exactly depends on what you order. If the information which you have given on investigation is not confirmed, we show documents confirming it.

If the person who needs to be found, is not in a prospective zone of search, you simply give the negative answer or continue his search on other regions?

Depends on your desire. We can continue search actions till the moment of definition of a residence. Thus cost, the form of payment and terms can be changed.

If I'll order Scam Investigation service, what probability that you can find the swindler?

All depends on what and how many and you give information to us about scammer. Usually in 80% we investigate and find the swindler.

What accuracy of your experts?

Our experts concern seriously and honesty to there work. All conclusions made by them on 99% same with the described person. Therefore after their conclusion you can understand with whom actually you keep correspondence and what character of this person.

What I can order and transfer in yours Delivery Services?

You can order any gift, starting from a bouquet of flowers and till jewels. We'll delivery your gift and your wishes to the addressee. Our couriers work in many cities of Russia and in the countries of FSU. Cost and charges on delivery service are discussed with you personally. After delivery we show necessary documents to you.

Can I pay your service by my credit card?

We accept for payment visa, master card, amex, discovery also PayPal and Moneybookers. All payments is 100 % secure. For your convenience you can pay through Western Union and MoneyGram.

You transfer the information about customer to the third parties?

We guarantee, that your e-mail address and any other information about you in no event and not under any kind will not be transferred to the third parties or the organizations. These data will be used only for delivery of our information materials.

How I can conclude the contract if I am in other country?

There is a standard procedure of the conclusion contract throw e-mail. Paying the order, you agree with conditions stipulated in privacy policy.

I haven't found the answer to interesting me question. Where still I can search?

You can write us the letter in section Contact Us and ask interesting your question.