Background Check.

If you would like to make sure that the person you are writing to is using her own name, address, phone number and photo, does not have a criminal background, drug/alcohol dependency, psychological problems, or is legally employed and has the level of education she claims to have, we can provide you with this and other information.

Scam Investigations.

Since many times people realize that they became a victim of a scam when the scammer has already disappeared with the money, we also provide an investigation of a simple and sophisticated scams based on the information the client provides.

Our Experts Services.

Linguist (expert on the comparative analysis of text), Psychologist-analytic (this expert learns the character of the person), physiognomist (this expert studies the person's face (photos), and he'll know features of the character).

The comparative analysis of compatibility.

If you write letters to several ladies and can't choose the best one, we'll help you too. We'll tell you about your relationship with lady in the nearest future. You'll know if you re able to live together or not. You'll read about you psychological compatibility (according to astrology) .

Use Our Delivery Services.
Use our gifts and flowers delivery services the next time you need to send a present of any size to your friend in any of the countries of the Former Soviet Union. We commonly deliver to more than 150 cities in Russian Federation alone, and we can deliver your gift to almost any address in FSU countries.

Check your lady 's e-mail address.
You can absolutely free check your girl's e-mail address on our scam base. Our base consist about more eleven thousand e-mail addresses of scammers. Our base is constantly upgrade and added new e-mails.

Check your girl's email address

Write the e-mail address of your girl and learn - maybe your bride is fake.

Check girl's IP address

Check the likelihood that your girl's IP address is an open proxy